Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dean: 9 months old!

Okay I'm not the only one who thinks 9 months sounds really old, right?

At 9 months old:
Weight: 24lbs
Length: 29.5 inches long
Head Circumference: 50cm
You have grown so much this month! You pretty much don't fit into any of your clothes and I need to do some serious shopping. Remember when I was pregnant and tried to buy bigger sizes? Yeah, well you outgrew those somewhere around 4 months old. It is crazy that I'm buying you 24 month pajamas and tops. As for pants, you pretty much wear stretchy pants all the time because that is all that your chubby little belly and legs fit in. Sorry bud!

Meal time is still your top priority. You nurse around the clock and I'm so proud of it. When you were born I kept setting small goals to hit like, breastfeeding until 3 months and then six months. And once you started solid foods at 6 months old I didn't really know what would happen. But it is still your favorite thing to do and I love it just as much. During the day you nurse about every 3 hours and lately you've been nursing more at night. I definitely see breastfeeding going well past 1 year. I'd like to go until you are 2 years old but we will see what you choose. You also love drinking water out of a sippy cup and eating chunks of food now. You love strawberries, cheddar cheese, chicken & sweet potato chunks.
You are nursing and Pais is snuggling you :o)


Nap time has finally been happening! For the first 8.75 months of your life I held you for every single nap time (or snuggled in bed). But last week I decided it was time for you to test out your crib. I really, really didn't want to let you cry it out. But we did it with Paisley and she survived. But she also never cried longer than a minute or two. The first time you cried for eight minutes and I went in half way through to pat your back and you slept for 30 minutes on your own! The second day you cried for maybe two minutes and slept for 45 minutes. And the third day you cried for under a minute and slept for TWO WHOLE HOURS! Oh man, the house was clean that day! Since then, you've had a bit of a cold and haven't been napping as long but you're still falling asleep on your own. At night you are still sleeping glued to my side :o)
YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO CRAWLING (forward)! You can get up on all fours and rock. And you can crawl backwards on your hands and knees. We just need you to figure out how to get forward. You get so irritated that you can't go! You are really good at scooting and rolling around though. And you can pivot in a circle like a pro. You are also trying to pull yourself up. You can usually get to your knees if you are already sitting but not from your belly yet. My guess is in the next month you'll be mobile and MUCH happier! You also just figured out how to sit back up on your own from being on your tummy.
9 month fun facts!
  • You are getting lots of light brown hair and still have two cowlicks. One is bigger than the other. Sometimes your hair looks red in the sunlight.
  • You say "ma-mom" whenever you want to nurse and pat me.
  • Mangoes & butternut squash are your favorites.
  • You finally like the car and always fall asleep.
  • Chewing on your dad's hat makes you super happy.
  • You LOVE bath time and try to eat the water. You are so cute when you stick your tongue out!
  • You crack up hysterically at Paisley in the car. She can getting you laughing so hard!

Everyone keeps asking me how Dean is feeling lately and the answer is GREAT! He is still on Keppra two times a day, morning and night, and is doing really well with no side effects. He just had an ultrasound of his head last month and it read the same as his MRI, no improvements but no bad news. We go in for monthly head measurements with his pediatrician to make sure his head isn't growing above the curve more than it was, and we meet with his neurologist in May.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Dean: 8 months old!

8 months old... Really kid? You're killing me with all this growing up stuff!
At 8 months old:
Weight: 23 pounds
Length: not sure, we'll know at your 9 month appointment in early April
Head circumference: 49cm
This month you have officially outgrown most of your 12 month clothes and pajamas. I had to pull out some 18 month footie pj's the other day and was shocked that you fit into them perfectly. You are definitely long and fluffy :o) I also had to get you bigger socks because your feet have gone through a growth spurt as well. You're still in size 4 diapers and I don't see that changing any time soon.
You've had pretty sensitive skin since you were a couple months old but this month has proven to be a difficult one. I switched you to a different baby wash and by the time you were out of the bath your whole body was rashy! We never used that stuff again and got back to the good stuff! But it still wasn't 100% cleared so I stopped using my favorite cream as well and have been giving coconut oil a try. Seems to have worked and your chubby little belly is as smooth as a baby's bottom! You are also growing tons of hair this month, it is light brown and so cute! You've also got the most perfect natural Mohawk!
You are still completely obsessed with breastfeeding and I love it too. For awhile there you were nursing all through the night but this month you've been sleeping all night and eating more during the day. And I finally feel like we're on a solid schedule with nursing and solids. You usually eat 6-7 times during the day and sometimes once or twice in the middle of the night but just for a second until you get back to sleep.
  • Sweet potatoes! But now I add a little bit of cinnamon and you go nuts for them.
  • Water! You love drinking out of your sippy cup and it is always close by.
  • Cheerios or any finger food. You're getting really good with the pincer grasp!
  • Yo Baby Yogurt. Vanilla and blueberry are your favorite but you like other flavors too.
  • Turkey and chicken. Your first meat and you seem to really enjoy it.


You're kind of following Paisley's pattern as far as milestones go... so far. She was always at the tail end of normal when doing physical things and so far you are too. This month you are officially sitting unsupported without a pillow behind you. You're reaching for toys and then getting on your belly and trying to reach. Crawling is no where in sight but I'm perfectly okay with that. You roll everywhere and pivot on your belly to get where you want. The army crawl is going to happen any day now, you want to so bad! You've liked your toys in the past but now you love them! Your favorite is when I put a little basket with 4-5 toys in it and you like to pull them all out and throw them. You are also reaching for people when you want them to hold you. How could we say no to that?


Last weekend you just started saying momma out of no where! It sounds a lot more like "mom mom" but I'll take it. And it is always when you want me to hold you. You know, because I neglect you so much :o)

It has been a super fun 8 months Deanie boy! We love you so much and love watching you grow!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dean's seizure update

Bare with me here. This isn't a blog post I ever intended on writing. But I figure if I could help comfort one other parent who is going through something similar, it wouldn't hurt. I'm also going to keep it as short as possible because I simply don't have all the answers.

On December 19th, 2013 Dean had his first seizure. I was holding him and he had just fallen asleep. His whole body tensed up, his free arm shot out from his side and his entire body started shaking rhythmically for about 30 seconds. I knew just from being around an epileptic before not to move him but to just let the seizure run its course. When it finally ended (it felt like it lasted forever) I immediately called his pediatrician who told me to take him to the emergency room at either Randall or Doernbecher in Portland. He kept

By the time we got to the hospital he was awake and back to his normal self. He had no fever, no infection and there was no known cause for his seizure. Other than a mishap with the nurse we had, everything was pretty routine. We were sent home and told to schedule an EEG. Click for definition and other information.

The next day, December 20th we got an EEG done at St. Vincent's. He was wide awake and alert while the technician was putting 26 wires all over his scalp but when it was time to start the test I nursed him and he fell asleep. Thank goodness he wasn't that into grabbing things when this all happened because I don't know how he would do now. The EEG results came back normal and I really thought we were in the clear. Life kind of went back to normal and I stopped worrying.

Then we had his 6 month well baby check up and the nurse measured his head about four times. Still, I didn't think anything of it until his doctor came in and told me that she's been losing sleep over the whole thing. She said he's 6 months old, his head is extremely large and not growing with his curve, he had an unexplained seizure and she wanted him to get an MRI.

For the MRI he had to be put under which was more stress than anything. But he did great and we got the results back just a few hours later. The doctor said there were no huge red flags explaining his seizure but there were a few abnormalities that they want to keep an eye on and that he needed a repeat MRI in 6 months. (I'll explain more later)

So at that point I didn't really know what to think... A few concerns but nothing major. Okay, let me sit and google my life away until I'm scared out of my mind.

So January 15th rolls around and he has another seizure. This one was longer than the first and he was super sleepy the rest of the day which I'm told is normal. I called his pediatrician who tells me to just hold tight while she makes a few calls.  She got back to me super quick and told me she wants to start him on Keppra (anti-epileptic medication) once a day for the first week and twice a day after that. She also wanted me to meet with a pediatric neurologist from the children's hospital to go over his MRI and discuss what the near future holds.

I met with the neurologist and here's what I got from the appointment.

1. He's got a huge noggin and we have to get it measure monthly to make sure he is following the curve.

2. I need to meet the the neurologist every 3 months.

3. He needs to stay on the Keppra for 2 years and be seizure free before she will take him off the medication.

4. He has too much space between his brain and his scull.

5. He has too much space inside the ventricles on the inside of his brain.

6. None of the things abnormal in his brain are for sure reasons why he has had two unexplained seizures.

7. Some people with epilepsy never know the exact reason they have seizures.

8. There is no way to predict the future.

So for now we are just trying to be extremely hopeful that he will grow out of the seizures and won't have any repeats. I'm so thankful that they were short and manageable. But the whole experience was so extremely scary to witness as a mom.

Hang in there little guy, you got this!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dean: 7 months old!

Okay Dean, 7 months just sounds way too old to me! Wasn't it just yesterday that we were in the hospital meeting for the first time?

Happy 7 months!

As you can tell from your monthly picture, you are quite the funny guy lately. You're always making us smile with your funny faces and quirky personality. You know what you like and you're gonna get it!

We had an appointment for you two days after you turned 7 months old and here are your stats:

Weight: 22 pounds

Height: 29 inches (can you say growth spurt!?)

You are my big guy! Almost outgrowing all of your 12 month outfits and pajamas. Your toes are just about squished and I should probably move you into your 18 month stuff. Where did my tiny baby go? Who am I kidding though, you weren't tiny for long :o) You're still in size 4 diapers.

This month you are loving solid foods. For awhile I was giving you chunks of soft food but you are so wild when you eat that you got massive pieces in your mouth and started to scare me. So you eat mostly puree's now and love them. You're up to two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Your favorites are definitely anything orange... Sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, cantaloupe, and clementines. But you also love cucumbers, prunes and other fruits. I need to get you eating more greens or your little nose is going to turn orange. Your least favorites are peaches & avocado. This month you have also tried grains for the first time. You weren't crazy about oatmeal but you love chewing little pieces of toast & baby pancakes.



You are still my little nursling. You usually breastfeed between 5-8 times a day depending on your mood. And the last few weeks you've been snacking all night long. I blame it on teething! But please keep it going, Momma likes not having her monthly visitor. (I know you'll kill me for saying that when you read this in the future)

Deanie fun facts:
  • This month you learned how to use a straw and drink from a sippy cup on your own and you love water!
  • You are officially a sitter. You took you longer than your sister, but your melon head is bigger than hers so you're a little top heavy.
  • You are fascinated with your fingers and are getting really good at using them!
  • You can pass things back and forth between hands like a pro and are starting to pinch things.
  • You have TWO teeth, on the bottom. They are adorable!
  • You still hate naps unless you are nursing and I'm holding you.
  • At night you still sleep glued to me as well :o) And I don't see that changing for a long time.
  • You finally take a binky!!! 
  • Ever want to meet the sweetest boy ever? Just find Deanie when he first wakes up!
  • You give the best, wet and juices kisses ever! You also love attacking people faces.
  • We usually baby wear in the Ergo daily. One of your favorite things to do... mine too!

People keep asking if you are crawling yet but you are no where near doing it. You pretty much hate being on your belly these days and just roll over immediately. You'll get there though.

That's all for 7 months!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dean: 6 months old!

{This is posted two weeks late because I completely forgot to edit it!
But, I wrote it when he turned 6 months old}

 Happy 6 Months Deanie!

Can I just start by saying I can't believe how much you have changed this month? 
Look at the comparison from month 1 to month 6! Such a big guy now!
At 6 months:

Weight: 20lbs 13oz

Height: 27 inches

Head: 49cm (huge!)

Right now you are in all 12 month clothes and sometimes 12-18mo or 18-24mo depending on the brand. You are huge and everyone always thinks you are a lot older than you are. I've heard several times that we ought to buy some some shoulder pads because we have a future line backer on our hands. You have the most perfect, plump little thighs and feet! Delicious!

You are still breastfeeding around the clock but are starting to eat some solids now too. You like some purees but definitely prefer to pick up chunks of soft food and feed yourself. You're my little veggie monster, not a big fan of fruit yet. Just one of the many things that is opposite from your sister. They weren't lying when they said every baby is different! You nurse about every 3 hours during the day and just once or twice at night. You are definitely a momma's boy! 

Green beans are by far your favorite!

A little butternut squash. Not your favorite but you seem to enjoy it :)

You are still sleeping in bed with us and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Lately you have been rolling over to your belly at night and sleeping that way. It made me a tiny bit nervous but you have proven to be a pro roller! Sometimes I set you down in one spot and come back and you're almost all the way across the room!

Napping is not your favorite. Unless you are nursing and I'm holding you. Sometimes I complain because I need to get laundry done or dinner started, but just know that I'm loving it! Hopefully in the months to come you will become a little more independent and nap in your crib :) hint hint?

You found your little toes and never leave them alone!

Opening a present on Christmas Eve at Pappy & Ya Ya's house

Easily one of your favorite toys, a little snake that your Aunt Ricki bought you for Christmas! Your other favorites include, Sophie, your banana toothbrush and your Squwish ball. 

You've also started sitting up this month. You're definitely still wobbly but you're getting it!

Well buddy, that pretty much wraps up 6 months for you. You are a rolling, sitting, laughing, arm flapping, food eating, boob loving, happy little guy! We love you Deanie!

I've got another update on Dean that I want to share but don't know where to start. We had a couple of scary weeks but he is doing great and we have a little more peace of mind now!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Paisley: 3 years old!

Happy 3rd Birthday my little Paisley! Or should I say big girl Paisley? 

Paisley Trivia!

  • You are still super picky with food but are getting better at trying new things.
  • You weigh 33lbs and are 37 inches tall. 
  • You are in 3t clothes but sometimes wear a 4t because of your long legs and wear a size 8 shoe.
  • You still call milk "go go" but you know that it is really called milk.
  • Your favorite color changes daily.
  • You go to bed around 7:30pm every night and sleep until 7:30am. You love your sleep!
  • Your favorite food is anything breakfast related. Eggs, pancakes, french toast. You name it.
  • You LOVE being outside with your dad doing yard work. Or just running around like a mad woman.
  • You talk amazing and your sentences are really coming together.
  • You are completely potty trained.
  • You are obsessed with your brother and never leave him alone. Ever.
  • You prefer to be naked 99% of the time. My little nudist. 
  • You love legos, blocks, wedgits... Anything that you can build, you want to play with. 
  • Every night you like to read "lots of books!" If it was up to you we would read 20 of them.
  • You know tons shapes and colors and are learning more daily. Your favorite shape is an octagon.
  • Sometimes you take naps, but only if you need one. Even when you don't, you are fine without one. 
  • Every morning when you wake up you ask me where your dad is. I tell you he is at work but you say, "No. My dad went fishin' with Andy." Every. Single. Morning.
  • Lately I think you have been dreaming, even though you don't really grasp the concept yet. You tell me some pretty interesting stuff in the morning. Today the first thing you said was, "there's snow outside mom!"

As requested, I put on the best "cow birthday party" that I possibly could. Given that I didn't start on it until very last minute. Your dad said next year I should start earlier. He was on Deanie duty at night while I worked my magic :o)

Your party was awesome! You had so many friends and family members there that love and adore you. Around 30 people! I made a number 3 cow cake, adorable cow cookies, a number 3 cow print pinata, a pin the tail on the cow game, adorable birthday banner and cute mason jar goodies for your friends to take home. I think this was your best party yet!

Note to self: Next time make a cake without black frosting... Everyone had black teeth!

Opening presents with Lo Lo!
Between Christmas and your birthday, you could open a toy store in your bedroom.
While you loved opening presents... You were extremely overwhelmed and would have rather been playing with your friends. In a few years I think you'll like it a little more!

Sadly, everyone commented on your ability to work a baseball bat. 
"she hits just like her mom!" was said more than once. 

In case you are wondering, the answer is not well. :o)

Yummy cow cookies!

You & Gabrielle before the party started

A little picture collage of you and me the day you were born. 
You on your first birthday playing with your toys.
Again on your second birthday with your new easel.
And you and me at 3 years old! 

A special birthday breakfast: French toast with "sparkles"

Being a crazy girl, jumping off your brother's chair.
You did this the entire morning and thought it was hilarious!

At your 3rd birthday dinner at Red Robin with Deanie.
You are in love with him!

Pappy & Ya Ya came to dinner and bought you a Curious George stuffed animal.
You are currently marching around the house with him singing the Christmas Monkey song.

So my sweet little girl, it has been THREE wonderful years. 
You bring so much light into my life and I can't wait for many, many more birthdays to come! 
And I can't wait to see what kind of birthday party you want next year!

I love you nugget!



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dean: Five months old!

A lady in the grocery store asked me if Dean was nine months old yesterday. I quickly told her that he just turned four months old... Wait, no. He was a day away from FIVE months old. Time is flying with this boy.

At FIVE months old:

Weight: I'd say a good solid pounds. He was 18 at his four month check up but he seems to have grown. Again.

Height: 27 inches

He has officially outgrown all of his 9 month clothes. 12 month already?! Fun fact: Paisley was in 12 month clothing from 12-18 months old!! We just moved him into size 4 diapers due to some leaking issues.

Breastfeeding is going better than ever. After four months I feel like my supply has finally evened out. He still nurses every 2-3 hours when we're at home but will go 3-4 hours if we're out and about. I can finally go to the store, get my shopping done, get home and put everything away when we get home without him yelling at me! woo hoo! At night he will usually eat once and go back to sleep until 7-8am.

He still isn't napping during the day unless I'm holding him. Sometimes it is a little inconvenient, but who needs to do laundry anyway? And I love the snuggles.

He rolled a couple of times this month but hasn't done it since. He's a little too round. #fatbabyproblems

I mentioned in my last Deanie update that we started him on homemade fruit & veggie puree's. But I put a quick stop to it after the first couple of times. He seemed physically ready, and eager to eat but I don't think his little belly was. I've decided to wait until he is ready and approach it a little differently. No rush.

He is definitely learning how to use his hands. He has been grabbing at toys, batting at things and looks at his fingers like they are the most amazing thing ever. It is so adorable.

Did I mention he is the biggest Momma's boy ever? If he can't see me, he usually isn't very happy. The feeling is mutual Deanie boy, I love you too :o)