Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I have been a lazy, lazy blogger lately. Three in one night will have to do for now!

On the 4th we went to the big parade in St. Paul. Dean was absolutely mesmerised with all the horses and tractors and Paisley was busy devouring candy faster than she could pick it up. Holidays like this are a special treat for her.

 Notice the candy shoved in her mouth :o)

My sweet little sister and my sweet daughter! Love the bond these two have!

This girl spent the majority of her day swimming in the pool

Deanie snuggling Uncle Trav

And kissing his Pappy

Happy Independence Day!!!
Thank you to all who have served and are serving! 

Welcome to Camp Dean!

I hate to admit this to the world of the Internet but I starting thinking about Dean's first birthday party when he was about six months old. I'm a planner, it's what I do. Paisley's party isn't until December and it is already mapped out. (And has been for months) I have problems, I know. Now onto the party!

For his first birthday I went with a camp out theme and it didn't disappoint! I made the felt campfire set with s'mores and sticks to roast fake marshmallows. I also made a really cute, quick and cheap a-frame tent, the brown camping sign out of scrapbook paper and set out some tree stumps that we had drying out to use for firewood this winter. The whole little camp site was a big hit with all the little kids, and big ones too! 

Buddy loved it too!

Of course I had to make a campfire cake! There was a little chocolate cake in the middle with pirouettes for the logs and melted candy for the flame. Around it I put cupcakes with s'more toppings.

Here is the food table before all the food was finished cooking. I wish I had a picture of all of it, but it was devoured before I could snap one :o) We had chicken, hot dogs, baked beans, corn bread, watermelon and treats.

And these yummy gems! Graham crackers stuffed with marshmallows, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with little white sprinkles. They were absolutely delicious and the perfect treat for all the campers.

I did this party on such a budget but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined! With a last minute date switch due to the weather everyone still showed up. Thank you to all of our family and friends who were able to make it to Dean's first birthday party and make it so special! We definitely felt the love in our backyard and can't wait to see you all again!!!

Dean: ONE year old!

One minute it is the middle of the night and I'm pacing the hospital room with my fussy newborn. The next, I'm throwing him a first birthday party. How does time pass so quickly in the baby years? I can say three things for sure about the last 365 days of my life.

1. My heart is so full of love that I think it could burst.

2. Every child is completely different in every way imaginable.

3. Any doubts I had about loving two children equally was ridiculous.

Now on to all the fun stuff about this 12 month old little man!

At ONE year old:

Weight: 25 lbs

Height: 31 inches

It seems like people have been asking me how old he is a lot this week. I always say, "oh he just turned one yesterday." Or however long ago it was. And they are always shocked and thought he was a lot older. He's a big guy, that's for sure. He is in 18-24mo/2t clothes, just depending on the brand, size 6 shoes (massive!) and size 5 diapers now. 

He is still nursing around the clock and we both love it. I'm not ready to lose the bond that we have and neither is he. During the day he breastfeeds about 5-6 times and at night he usually does about 3-4 times. We are still bed sharing and I don't see that changing any time soon. He does go down for bed in his crib and sleeps there until about 10 or 11pm and then I swoop him up for the night. Then he is up at 7:30am ish to start his adventures.

ONE year fun facts about Dean!

  • He loves to eat! Boobs, finger food... You name it. 
  • He is getting better at napping in his crib but prefers me to hold him.
  • He loves playing outside with his water table.
  • He is obsessed with wheels or anything that spins.
  • He is still rear facing in his car seat and will be for the next year at least.
  • He loves attacking his Dadda.
  • He can give kisses, wave bye bye and do "so big"
  • He says Dadda & Momma
  • He can chug water like a champ. He drinks a ton of it!
  • He is cruising around furniture but nowhere near walking. 
  • He has 6 little hillbilly teeth :o)
This year has been so fun for our entire family! It has been full of firsts for everyone and we are so excited to watch both of our babies grow and learn :o) Thank you to all of our family and friends who have been with us along this ride! 


Monday, May 26, 2014

Dean: 11 months old!

How on earth are you almost ONE year old? Seriously little man, slow down!

At 11 months old:

Weight: 24lbs (You've slimmed out a little since being so mobile)
Length: No idea... long would be a good guess!
Head Circumference: 50.5cm (I'll update more on that later)
I never really realize how big you are until I see other people holding you. To me you feel so tiny in my arms, but in reality you're a tank! You are still in 18-24/2t clothes and size 4 diapers. I'm holding off on 5's for as long as I can.
You LOVE finger foods now and don't eat any purees except for applesauce and yogurt. Your favorites are blueberries, cheddar cheese, bananas, peas, strawberries, red bell peppers, mango, sweet potato, ground turkey & chunks of chicken. You aren't too picky and usually eat anything I put in front of you but you absolutely hate eggs. Scrambled, fried, hard boiled. You hate them. It is the only food you have ever spit out and shake your head no to. Little weirdo!
Recently you tried your first smoothie and now you steal mine.. You also love drinking water from a water bottle. But your most favorite drink of all is "mom mom" aka momma's milk. You still nurse every two hours or so during the day and once or twice at night. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to wean you come next month but I know you aren't near ready for that. I'll keep going as long as still love it. I'm hoping you'll be done by two though. It would be nice have the girls to myself one of these days!
Sleeping in your crib for naps has been amazing! Although you do the most pathetic (and adorable) whimper when we walk into your room if it is dark. But you always fall asleep right away and will usually nap for an hour in the morning and TWO HOURS in the afternoon. I never thought it would happen! I always put you down for bed (7:30pm) in your crib as well so I can relax a little in the evening and most of the time you will sleep until about 11pm, then you come in bed with momma.
11 month fun facts:
  • You are crawling everywhere and starting to cruise around furniture.
  • Peek-a-boo is hilarious but only if Momma does it.
  • You can wave bye bye
  • When we ask, "How big are you?" You put your hands above your head but only if you're holding onto something or our fingers.
  • You think it is especially funny to beat up your dad. (no one ever taught you that for the record)
  • Sophie the Giraffe & the little bell are your favorite toys
  • You love to be outside at any time of the day, rain or shine.
  • You always dance and bounce when music is on.
  • You say momma & dadda
  • You've got 4 teeth and I think two more coming in.
  • You are obsessed with wheels and anything that spins!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter 2014

Wow. It has been a quick minute since I sat down and documented something other than a monthly baby update. I'm a lazy blogger these days and need to knock it off. Little man is munching on some strawberries so we'll see if I can get this done before he starts being needy :o)

I was so excited to celebrate Easter with two kids. I've read Paisley every children's book on the religious aspect of Easter but she insists that, "Jesus not love me, Gramma loves me!" Girl knows that Gramma delivers candy. So for now we'll leave it at that and hope for the best next year.

The Friday before Easter, Paisley had her gymnastics class that was bunny themed. They hopped and hid in holes and all sorts of crazy bunny things. She even got a special bunny coloring page for a contest. Then we came home and colored eggs. Deanie supervised the egg coloring while eating some snacks and Paisley loved dipping the eggs. She did really good this year and hardly made a mess at all.

On Saturday we celebrated with my side of the family. We went to my Dad's house for an egg hunt at the school. Unfortunately it rained but all the kids had fun. Pais got lots of eggs filled with candy and spent the rest of the day snacking on it. After the egg hunt we all headed back to their house and the kids got to open their Easter baskets from Pappy & Ya Ya. Then we had lunch and hung out for awhile before heading back home for naps.
Now, I'm not one to load my kids up on candy, even though I have a huge sweet tooth myself. So I made sure the Easter bunny brought lots of other fun goodies that would distract them from the sweet stuff. The Easter bunny also got creative and saw what Zoey's mom did and pulled off some cute bunny tracks last minute. The house smelled like a baby's bottom all day.


Paisley was a little concerned that the bunny made a mess but then got super excited and told everyone she knows about how, "da Easter bunny got pootprints on my carpet!" Dean destroyed his basket before I could even watch him go through it. And Paisley went straight for the one piece of chocolate in the whole thing. Go figure!
Later in the day we headed to Gramma & Papa's house for dinner and yet another egg hunt. You can never have too many egg hunts right? Paisley was so excited to see her cousins and Dean was just excited to play with more plastic eggs.
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dean: 10 months old!

Me oh my! This has been the fastest 10 months of my life! Sometimes I look back at newborn pictures of you and forget how tiny you were. I miss my tiny baby, but every stage just gets better and better!

At 10 months old:
Weight: I'll guessing 24-25 pounds
Length: Probably around 30 inches
Head circumference: Hopefully still 50cm. We will find out next week at your neurology appt.
I want to say you are a chubby baby, and call you that often, but really you aren't. You are just BIG! You do have some delicious leg rolls going on though :) You've got a big noggin, big little feet (if that makes any sense?) and overall you're just a large baby! And I LOVE it! You're quite durable. Which works to your advantage almost daily with your rather rambunctious 3 1/2 year old sister running the show.
*Yes, Paisley is almost 3 1/2... That is a whole separate story! They grow too fast.*
You are still in size 4 diapers but not for long. You're a super pee-er (is that a word?) and will probably have to be moved up to a size 5 by our next Costco trip. As for clothes... You fit in anything from 18 months to a 2T. I've given up on buying any kind of onesie because you seem to outgrow them each time they hit the dryer.
At your first Easter egg hunt. You loved playing with all the eggs!
Finger foods have been really fun the last month. Your favorites are strawberries, cheese, bananas, ground turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes & mango. You also love any kind of cracker you can get your hands on. Breastfeeding is still going awesome, you nurse like a newborn and I'm okay with that. Anything that keeps the monthly visitor away is fine by me! You also enjoy water in a sippy cup but lately think it is funny to spit it everywhere.
Your crib is finally getting some use! Now you take two naps a day in it. Not for very long, but it is better than nothing! Usually you nap for about 30-45 minutes at a time. I'll take it. When the crib or nursing doesn't work I stick you in the Ergo carrier and you nap on my back while I get stuff done around the house.
And... You are officially MOBILE! You can crawl, bear crawl and are pulling up on everything! You are pretty proud of yourself too :) Oh and you have 3 teeth!
Standing up in your bedroom